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OCR with Handwriting - Optical Character Recognition for Printed and Handwritten Text#

The OCR with Handwriting Workflow performs an ocr - Optical Character Recognition for both printed and handwritten text.

It is used with the workflow identifier ocr_with_handwriting, at the processing endpoint i.e. POST /processing/ocr_with_handwriting.

Supported workflow-parameters#

To be submitted as a configuration object with the parameters form field.

field type default
language one of de (german) or en (english) unset, i.e. multi-language (at the potential cost of OCR accuracy)

Supported return values#

As automatically included in the response JSON, unless otherwise specified via include query parameters.

The extractions return value is not supported by this workflow.

Credit cost#

10 credits per page with a freemium monthly quota of 1000 credits. For a freemium account this would allow for 100 pages per month.


For accessing individual processing results or artifacts, have a look at Fetch Processing Results and Artifacts.


This workflow was built to work with A4 page format. If support of other formats is required, contact us to discuss how we might assist you.