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Train-your-own Classifier#

Our platform allows you to build your own custom classification API tailored to your needs, without requiring deep knowledge of AI. This allows you to automate business processes such as input management (i.e., sorting and routing incoming mail to the appropriate departments), reducing the need to personally handle such manual tasks.

API hub

To set up the model for training, follow the simple steps of the creation wizard

  • Define the labels to classify your documents into step 1
  • Optional: define relevant pages for classification and select weather to train a textual or visual model step 2
  • You can specify whether your files are already sorted and upload files by class, or upload all files at once and check that they are correctly annotated using the generic model. step 3
  • For your unclassified files, review the annotations and make sure they are classified correctly before you start training the model. step 4

You can check this blog post to see the steps involved in preparing and training the model.

Once training is complete, this workflow will provide you with classifications and ocr. Your workflow identifier is a UUID that is automatically generated during the creation process, i.e. you can call the workflow like any other workflow using the processing endpoint i.e. POST /processing/{your_workflow_identifier}.

Supported return values#

As automatically included in the response JSON, unless otherwise specified via include query parameters.

Credit cost#

A Freemium account allows for up to 100 pages per month, where the cost is 15 credits per page, and 30 credits per document.


A document is usually a bundle of 10 pages.