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Error Reporting#

The endpoint POST /processing/error-reports/{processing_result} is available to allow the reporting of errors related to document processing and classifications. This endpoint provides not only the ability to simply state an error but also provide any specific fields that may be incorrect as well as the correct value of that field. This information can then be used to help improve our system.


{processing_result} string Passed as part of the query path, defining the aspect of the document processing that contains errors. Currently, only extractions is supported.

Request body#

The request body can define the description of the error, but also the specific fields that contain an error and what the correct value should be.

processing_id UUID Defines the process instance that needs correction.
string Permits describing the error in a plain and explicit manner.
array Used to indicate the specific fields that are incorrect. Allows providing both the field, as well as the correct value, as a part of each entry. Each entry follows the general form of:
            "field": "",
            "correct_value": "Customer's Name"
The dot notation, used for the field, defines the specific attribute of the entity.