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Technical Limitations of the Processing Endpoint#

This document lists the freemium conditions. The exact limits may be different (often higher), depending on your payment plan or individual contract.

Page limits#

Workflow Maximum number of pages per …
single documenthourminutesecond
ocr 100 1000 100 10
ocr_with_handwriting 100 1000 100 10
invoice_extraction 100 1000 100 10
receipt_extraction 100 1000 100 10
delivery_note_extraction 100 1000 100 10
accounting_workflow 100 1000 100 10
vehicle_registration_extraction 100 1000 100 10


The rate limits per time are lenient to spikes caused by individual documents with page counts greater than the limit. They are triggered only as soon as the rate limit had been exceeded by the previous request.

File Limits#


Files uploaded to the processing endpoint are currently limited to 100 MB.

Supported Types#

  • Image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Document formats: PDF

Uploaded images should have a sufficient resolution to support good extraction results. Conversely, lower resolutions lead to faster upload times. We recommend 220 dpi, which makes dimensions of 2600x1800 pixels for an A4 document.