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Generic Splitting#

The Generic Splitting splits large PDF documents into separate sub-PDFs. Its API will provide you with:

  • The positions where the larger document was split
  • The confidence for each splitting point in the document
  • Individual sub-PDFs available to download

It is used with the workflow identifier generic_splitting, at the processing endpoint i.e. POST /processing/generic_splitting.

To retrieve all sub-PDFs for the splitting processing results as a list of URLs: GET /processing/results/{processing_id}/sub-pdfs

To download a sub-PDF: GET /processing/results/{processing_id}/sub-pdfs/{index}

Supported workflow-parameters#

The workflow does not take any extra parameters.

Supported return values#

As automatically included in the response JSON, unless otherwise specified via include query parameters.

Credit cost#

A Freemium account allows for up to 100 pages per month, where the cost is 6 credits per page, and 120 credits per document.


A document is usually a bundle of 10 pages.