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Get an account#

Want to try's APIs? You're in the right place!

If you already have an account, you may skip this section and continue with creating an API key. … or if you feel bold 💪 - directly head to the advanced processing endpoint documentation.

Sign up#

Step 1: Visit the sign-up page#


Step 2: Enter your account details#

Image Screenshot of the signup page

… and hit Sign Up!

You will automatically receive an activation link via email. It can occasionally take a few minutes to arrive, don't worry!

Image Screenshot of the registration page after successful registration


You might also want to check the spam folder. In case you didn't receive the email for a while, you can try the Resend button.

Step 4: Done 🚀#

After the account activation is completed, you can head to the login screen and enter your credentials to access the API Hub.

Feel free to play around with different document extractions directly in the API Hub.

Image Screenshot of the API hub

… or immediately start automating your processes by creating an API key!