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Vehicle registration extraction#

The vehicle registration extraction workflow performs ocr and extractions steps specifically suited for German vehicle registrations.

It is used with the workflow identifier vehicle_registration_extraction, at the processing endpoint i.e. POST /processing/vehicle_registration_extraction.

Supported workflow-parameters#

As the workflow is only intended for German documents, the workflow does not take any extra parameters.

Supported return values#

As automatically included in the response JSON, unless otherwise specified via include query parameters.

Credit cost#

A Freemium account allows for up to 100 pages per month, where the cost is 50 credits per page, and 50 credits per document.


A document is usually a bundle of 10 pages.

Extractions formats#

The value of the extractions key for this workflow has the following form:

For document_type = vehicle_registration

All supported fields
  • schema_version: integer (possible values: [2])
  • document_type: string (possible values: ['vehicle_registration'])
  • fahrzeugschein_nr: StringExtraction
  • a_amtliches_kennzeichen: StringExtraction
  • c_1_1_name_des_halters: StringExtraction
  • c_1__2_vorname: StringExtraction
  • c_1_3_anschrift: StringExtraction
  • x_naechste_hu: StringExtraction
  • i_ausstellungsdatum: DateExtraction
  • austellungsort: StringExtraction
  • b_datum_erstzulassung: DateExtraction
  • n_2_1_HSN: StringExtraction
  • n_2_2_TSN: StringExtraction
  • j_fahrzeugklasse: StringExtraction
  • n_4_art_des_aufbaus: StringExtraction
  • e_fahrgestellnummer: StringExtraction
  • n_3_pruefziffer_fgn: StringExtraction
  • d_1_fahrzeugmarke: StringExtraction
  • d_2_typ_variante_version: StringExtraction
  • d_3_handelsbezeichnung: StringExtraction
  • n_2_herst_kurzbez: StringExtraction
  • n_5_fahrzeugklasse: StringExtraction
  • v_9_schadstoffklasse: StringExtraction
  • n_14_emissionsklasse: StringExtraction
  • p_3_kraftstoffart: StringExtraction
  • n_10_code_zu_p_3: StringExtraction
  • n_14_1_code_zu_v_9_o_14: StringExtraction
  • p_1_hubraum: StringExtraction
  • n_22_bemerkungen: StringExtraction
  • l_anzahl_achsen: FloatExtraction
  • n_9_anzahl_antriebsachsen: StringExtraction
  • p_2_p_4_nennl: StringExtraction
  • t_hoechstgeschw: FloatExtraction
  • n_18_laenge_in_mm: StringExtraction
  • n_19_breite_in_mm: StringExtraction
  • n_20_hoehe_in_mm: StringExtraction
  • g_leermasse: StringExtraction
  • n_12_rauminhalt_tank: FloatExtraction
  • n_13_stuetzlast: FloatExtraction
  • q_leistungsgewicht: FloatExtraction
  • v_7_co2: FloatExtraction
  • f_1_gesamtmasse: FloatExtraction
  • f_2_gesamtmasse: FloatExtraction
  • n_7_1_achslast_a_1: FloatExtraction
  • n_7_2_achslast_a_2: FloatExtraction
  • n_7_3_achslast_a_3: FloatExtraction
  • n_8_1_achslast_mgs_a_1: FloatExtraction
  • n_8_2_achslast_mgs_a_2: FloatExtraction
  • n_8_3_achslast_mgs_a_3: FloatExtraction
  • u_1_standger: FloatExtraction
  • u_2_drehzahl: FloatExtraction
  • u_3_fahrger: StringExtraction
  • o_1_anhaengelast_gebr: FloatExtraction
  • o_2_anhaengelast_ungebr: FloatExtraction
  • s_1_sitzplaetze: FloatExtraction
  • s_2_stehplaetze: FloatExtraction
  • n_15_1_bereifung_achse_1: StringExtraction
  • n_15_2_bereifung_achse_2: StringExtraction
  • n_15_3_bereifung_achse_3: StringExtraction
  • r_farbe: StringExtraction
  • n_11_code_zur_farbe: StringExtraction
  • k_betriebserlaubnis: StringExtraction
  • n_6_eg_typengenehmigung: DateExtraction
  • n_17_merk_betriebserl: StringExtraction
  • n_16_nummer_zb_teil_2: StringExtraction
  • n_21_vermerke: StringExtraction


For a reference of the structure of each of the extractions objects see Extracted Values. Also, for accessing individual processing results or artifacts, have a look at Fetch Processing Results and Artifacts.


The structure of extractions might contain optional paths. See this and this part of the documentation.